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Joey's Welcome Message

Welcome to my re-election for Dayton City Commission website. Dayton, like so many regions in this country, is undergoing tremendous change. How we continue to manage our change is critical. Voters will have an opportunity to cast two votes in this year's election. I believe leaders with boldness, experience, and vision will help Dayton remain a great place to work, live, and play while we continue to strive to increase our place on the world stage. Please review my positions and accomplishments that we have displayed on this site. Afterwards, I hope you feel inclined to join our team by volunteering your time to help the campaign and/or donating to help pay expenses. I appreciate your consideration and ask for your support.

All the Best,


View the Blueprint to make Dayton a great 5-star city. Also take a look at Joey's initiatives and how he can help make it happen.

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View images of Joey as he participates in family, community, and city related events and programs.

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Take a look at just a few of the notable accomplishments Joey has had through his work in the community, in office, and in business.

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Donate Now

Please submit all donations to:
Friends of Joey D. Williams
104 Salem Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45406